a grandma’s wisdom

I mentioned that I was currently reading “Girl, Go Wash Your Face.” by Rachel Hollis. I am forcing myself to not blast through it as it’s a fun easy written yet highly entertaining in the sorda way your grandma would have talked to you.

Rachel is barely 30 I’m sure.. and she’s mortified that I just compared her to a Grandma, but since she has FAR more important things to worry about I’m sure I am safe, however… if you read the book you’ll find wisdom from hard things and that comes with age for most of us… so grandma it is.


I wish I would have thought to make list of all the things both my grandmas taught me. A couple that come to mind is if you worked all day for my Grandma Fork, pulling weeds in her gardens,  you’ll get a shiny new quarter.  A hard days work sometimes is more important that the monetary gain. 

My Grandma Spoon on the other hand loved having coffee with friends, and would only initially take half of the treat that you served her during coffee. And then later ask for the other half. A treat spread out makes the time you get to spend with people around the table having coffee last longer. 

Speaking of coffee.. I need to have a coffee time at the studio. Nothing on the agenda but talking with our faces out of electronics. We could play some records (they call them vinyl now. lol) and drink from our Correll coffee mugs. We could talk about anything but the weather and politics and leave as friends promising to make it a weekly habit.. and then accidentally never do it again because although it was fun at the time we didn’t accomplish anything but some sort of connection.. and it seems like everyone nowadays is connected anyways through social.  We will just make a Facebook group and get together there.

I also have no idea how to end this little post eloquently. Which is another thing my Grandma Fork was always so good at. When you left her house she would stand at the door and watch you leave, always. Even if you popped in for just a moment. She would calmly stand at the door and wave you goodbye until you were out of site. Life is a never-ending game of what -ifs and my visitors are going to know that they mattered and that I will miss them until we see each other again. 


Fresh Start.


I have goals. I have lots of goals floating in my head, one of them is to write more and I have come to the conclusion that I need a space in my environment to make that happen or it just doesn’t. Does it make any sense to you that once my desk top computer got messed with and files arranged in an order that I am unfamiliar with that I have just stopped sitting and typing stories and thoughts? I switched to a laptop a while ago and now that I can write anywhere I don’t. I’m sure there is a theory for that, but I’m going to settle on that my personality needs a place, and it can’t be propped up in bed, or at my studio. Those places already have purposes.

So, last night I rearranged my bedroom and now I have a place. This place is simple and the chair is a vanity stool so that I don’t get to comfy.  My goal is to set a timer and then write again. I have no doubt that most of what I will write will be something most of you will not read, no matter. I just feel compelled to write and the ease of the venue here on WordPress makes me just think this is where I will join my thoughts and key strokes.

Rachel Hollis’s new book “Girl Go Wash your Face” is tucked in my brain space now. In it she writes.. “Our words have power, but our actions shape our lives.”

Here’s to a fresh start friends!