year 23 starts today.

Did you know the Lead is a writer? He wrote and framed this poem for our fifth anniversary. We were two kids in and trying to live dreams that seemed to have been squashed overnight by God.  We were just surviving daily on what we had been given when we had grown up in our own perspective houses.  Him, yelling. Me, avoidance. It was a perfect pair. Five years in I can remember thinking, man we have a long way to go till death do us part. We weren’t even 30 yet. Babies trying so hard to be a family on every account. Both of us stubborn as hell.

We struggled so much.

Yet, here we are. Year 22. Twenty Two years you have called me your bride. Twenty Two years and God has hacked off our rough edges and is honing us into more of what He desires us to be as people. So that He is more glorified in our relationship. Somewhere around year 17 he took our hearts and smashed them together again and said in His own loving and grace filled way. “Tony, you be you. Kelly, you be you. Your love will grow from this one thing. Don’t worry about the other person just stay close to Me and I’ll show you how your words and actions can radiate me back to them so they can be reminded to stay close to me.”  It was a game changer.

When we come to the end of our lives and we have to part, I’ll shout it from the roof tops that the only way we stayed married all these years is God. He is the reason I love the Lead so much. He is the reason I can put my own agenda aside and faithfully walk next to a man who loves Jesus just as much if not more. Sure there are things I still get annoyed with but honestly they are trivial compared to the state of his soul. If I can influence that on anyway I need to stick close to God so that I can do it honestly and with integrity.

Year five has come and gone. Year 23 starts today and I am so joy filled that we both didn’t stop loving each other at the same time over the years. Because your love Mr Lead carried me through some dark days and off the beaten path adventures. Tears fill my eyes over the Christ like love you have shown me.  I love you and will forever My Lead.


to celebrate with paper.

IMG_5281She contacted me for a gift for her beloved. One year they had been married and tradition states that that’s the year to celebrate with paper. An artist in her own right she knows the importance of the time spent with a blank canvas, and wanted to give that to her groom.  In the twinkle of the lights their love was bright and their love for the Father was evident. I felt like a third wheel and ended up giving instruction and then leaving the room so they could create a canvas together quite often.

I have spoke of this event in the studio to almost every class that has come in since… it was that beautiful. She emailed me in a follow-up email, and I share that with you because her experience, although entirely different from mine, was beautiful as well… and that glorifies and celebrates God, and I just love that.


I know I already emailed you today, but I feel led to share with you…so I am sharing! Hope that’s okay!  🙂

I wanted to say thank you again for opening up your studio to us for a class like that. I wanted to show my man a bit of my arty world, and it was so awesome to have something we did together and both liked at the end of our time. 

Not only that, but it was soooooo refreshing for my spirit to be there! Your art is so very different than mine, and I love it! I love how you encourage through it, and it inspires me to use my art for the glory of the God. I am still figuring out what it looks like for God to use me in that way, but man, it is totally awesome to see someone doing something in the creative world all the while seeking Jesus. 

There are many days when I feel like I have a lot of passion for the Lord, but not a lot of direction. It was so great to see how God is using you. Even though I don’t know how he wants to use me yet, it is so encouraging to see a sister in Christ being used by the Lord. It has just given me a lot of hope when I had been feeling like throwing in the towel when it comes to painting. 

I think my problem has been that I always compare myself to others…and today it sunk in very clearly that God made each of us unique, and the differences are a cause for celebration in God…and in his creativity in making us. Not something to get discouraged about. It’s good I am me, and good you are you. I know it sounds simple, but I think the media teaches women to compare themselves to other women, and I want to be done with that attitude and begin an attitude of celebrating our differences. 

And usually I compare parenting styles and who has the most well behaved kids, etc. (I swear it’s too often that I get all worried about not being the best mom when I’ve got dirty dishes in the sink and toys all over the living room, and would rather say “tomorrow” instead of picking up. Cooking is the worst. Forget hiring a maid, I would hire a chef to cook and do the tedious grocery shopping.)

 I have not really ever compared painting/art styles…but it was the striking differences and the beauty in your art  (as compared to my style) that sort of solidified the beauty in each one of us being special. It made me want to appreciate more in others…

Anyway, I’m sure I could say more, I can get quite long winded. But I hope my train of thought made sense…and I will be done for now. 

I just wanted to share those things. 

Because you ARE doing a good thing! And I feel less worried and overall more peaceful. So thank you for facilitating that. Thank you! 🙂 

IMG_5287Happy Anniversary friends. You delight God’s heart for sure.