they did it!

I would say that you have to have a certain amount of adventure in your being to learn something entirely new. To begin in a journey of epicness takes first steps that are often clumsy and unsure. Cradled in your heart is a desire to do all things well and perfect, but you quickly learn that it takes repetition and practice to do the things you will consider simple after a few tries.

Thankfully your guides on this journey are seasoned professionals at teaching and all things sewing. Their willingness to put their all into helping you succeed is contagious, and your journey to learn the new is exciting, fact filled, bursting with encouragement and seasoned with tons of grace.

Soon you find out that you really can sew. You really did just conquer this first step and your heart is bursting with pride as you carry your success in a pillowcase home.


With a win under your belt you feel empowered and motivated to create more. Which is why before you leave you sign up for the next level of classes and then go home and encourage your bestie to sign up for the first one so that one day when ya’ll are good and ready you can hang out at the studio and simply do life together over a machine.


Knowing that this whole thing would not have been nearly as possible as it was without the partnership with A-Best Sew & Vac, a local business that loves to help people sew with quality equipment. On behalf of the teachers and the students.. we thank you lots for the availability of the sewing kits and the opportunity to use amazing machines. Ya’ll really do bless us!

** our next beginner class is scheduled for October 19th 6-8  and if you have taken that class you are welcome to come join us in making a new project on October 21st 3-5.**


The last three minutes.

You see it goes like this.

Your heart looks back on all those goodbyes that lead up to this.
Those first steps onto a school bus.
Overnights at 6th grade camp
Spending a week in a hotel cheering at state wrestling. Milestones on a journey that leads to this day of leaving your baby girl at college.

And you spend all day ignoring the last 3 minutes of a goodbye you have known was coming for 18 years.

It's that tug of love inside your heart that speaks loudest. The part of your heart where it knows its known. The why we were created in the first place spot. It's that exact part that is undetected by any human instrument that screams out, "Hey I am suffering here at the moment."

And you step back and realize maybe for the bazillionth time that it costs something to love and if you did love wrong it wouldn't hurt so much to let go even for a brief moment.