Fresh Start.


I have goals. I have lots of goals floating in my head, one of them is to write more and I have come to the conclusion that I need a space in my environment to make that happen or it just doesn’t. Does it make any sense to you that once my desk top computer got messed with and files arranged in an order that I am unfamiliar with that I have just stopped sitting and typing stories and thoughts? I switched to a laptop a while ago and now that I can write anywhere I don’t. I’m sure there is a theory for that, but I’m going to settle on that my personality needs a place, and it can’t be propped up in bed, or at my studio. Those places already have purposes.

So, last night I rearranged my bedroom and now I have a place. This place is simple and the chair is a vanity stool so that I don’t get to comfy.  My goal is to set a timer and then write again. I have no doubt that most of what I will write will be something most of you will not read, no matter. I just feel compelled to write and the ease of the venue here on WordPress makes me just think this is where I will join my thoughts and key strokes.

Rachel Hollis’s new book “Girl Go Wash your Face” is tucked in my brain space now. In it she writes.. “Our words have power, but our actions shape our lives.”

Here’s to a fresh start friends!





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