day five- Chicago band trip

We traveled home today and I’m currently sitting all snug under a blanket watching the musical Chicago on Amazon Prime. I have always loved Chicago the city and I’m feeling a little sad actually because such a wonderful trip has come to an end so watching a show with the cities namesake just makes me smile a bit.

The stats of the day are kinda boring.. we got up, left, shopped a little and then drove and stopped and drove some more to get home around 6 bells. What isn’t boring however were the compliments our students got from many people on this trip. Comments such as when 30 students bombard the hotel pool and a couple with children in the pool say “you all were very respectful and kind..” you know that you have a stellar group.

The tour company the band director hired to facilitate the details had a representative on board with us at all times. Dawn was her name, she perhaps gave the students the best compliment. She said that in every group she has ever taken on trips there is always one or two people that get left out.. until our group. She said it was the first time ever that a group included everyone at all times, and she said she supposes that comes from the direct reflection of the Band Directors leadership and example. I would have to agree.

When Dawn was saying thank you near the end of the bus ride today she teared up as she relayed a message from the bus driver Randy. She said he mentioned that he was very grateful that we accepted them into our family. Dawn and Randy made the trip fun and safe.. we appreciated them VERY much! SO very grateful!

Personally, I am so proud of how the students acted toward each other, toward the adult chaperones, toward Dawn and Randy  and at each and every stop we made… they represented Lake Mills very very well.


I can hardly wait till the next trip with these fantastic humans!

day four- Chicago band trip!

Ahhhh… day four. What can I say besides you were a blast day four. You made me smile in more than one way. We started at the Field Museum.. a must see when you visit Chicago. Sue (the dinosaur)  was in the main concourse… and who doesn’t love Sue?

Pizza was at Giordaneo’s… such a well oiled machine to feed a group our size.. ahh the pizza an salad was amazing.

Then it was off to the Skydeck.. and as we traveled up to the highest building many of the kids are aprehensive.. but the excitement was through the roof when we started up the elevator!


Dinner was at Margaritaville at the Navy Pier. Cheeseburgers in Paradise anyone? Ashley Faugstad was the best here.. she noticed that one particular table of students was all on their phones so she made a deal with them and they all handed her their phones till the end of the meal. Good job Ashley!!

After dinner we had SO much fun. I haven’t laughed that much in like forever. It’s hard to explain how much the kids’ laughter was soothing to the soul. For someone who loves art and music…. oh my goodness. These teeter-totters had lights and every time they hit the ground they made this fantastic musical sound. I can’t begin to tell you how much seeing all ages laugh together in play nonstop for 30 minutes made me feel. Such goodness..


ahhhhh a GREAT day was had! Tomorrow we head home, but I still have many stories to tell!